Project Finance

Nowadays the roles of project participants on infrastructure and other projects are no longer clearly delineated. Project sponsors are not only government entities and financing is not based on the financial standing of the country. Contractors are taking on increased responsibilities and accept greater risks. Not only are they building projects but they also finance, own and operate them. They commit themselves by investing equity in the projects they develop and attract other sponsors for the realisation of their goals. At the same time, the public sector wants value-for-money proposals. It expects higher quality standards, cost and time control, the delegation of important risks to the private sector and finally transfer of know-how from the experts to its human resources.

Under limited recourse-financing the banks support those viable projects which are expected to generate sufficient income to service the loans provided. All these and other parties involved have different aims and attitude towards the project.

It is extremely important not only to know how to deal with the arising issues but also to understand and satisfy each party’s considerations and requirements.

We have been consulted by sponsors, contractors, public entities, engineers, operators and consultants in connection with a variety of projects including infrastructure, building projects, marinas etc.

Our contribution ranges from the initial inception and preliminary documentation structure to the financial closing and operation stage. We effectively advise on:

  • allocating project risks such as:
    •          financial, market/price, commercial risks
    •          design, construction, completion risk
    •          operation & maintenance
    •          environmental requirements
    •          safety considerations
    •          political risks 
  • structuring bankable projects
  • safeguarding construction and operation performance.